When Title Attending Talk
Sat, 17:00 - 18:00 Virtual InfoDesk 1/2 None
<p>The Infodesk is the heart and soul of the Fosdem Information System. During the entire conference, visitors and volunteers alike will come to you with questions, remarks, issues and much more. When at the Infodesk, you will meet almost everyone, and will know everything there is to know about FOSDEM, even some things you didn't want to.</p>

<p>The virtual Infodesk is located on Matrix.</p>

<p>At the infodesk, we answer all questions visitors might have, ranging from "where is talk Y" to "I have an issue with Matrix". We also guide visitors in purchasing T-shirts. Knowledge of English is required, and knowing other languages (this is a multinational conference) will greatly help you. Some familiarity with the conference and the surroundings is an asset, but experienced help is always available.</p>

<p>The infodesk crews are mostly self-organising, so you can take a break when required, or leave/arrive a bit early. However, you must ensure that you are covered during your absence, so the infodesk is never uncrewed.</p>